You Drank A Margarita--Now What!?!

Friday, August 14, 2015

It can feel so great to indulge. The key is is to avoid overindulging and enjoy!

 There is nothing better than a fresh Margarita on a hot Friday night. It can feel so great to indulge. The key is not to get wrapped up in the guilt so we can enjoy our choices and avoid giving into to over indulgence. When you struggle with weight management this can be a fine line. Make the choice. Have a plan. Then savor every sip!

I came across a listing of foods we sometimes treat ourselves to. I like how the facts were broken down, including the various ways we could burn off what we just consumed. It allows us to take responsibility and avoid the guilt. I would much prefer sweating off the calories and alcohol than live with the hangover of excess. Below shows us how! Here are the facts:

You sipped: a 12-ounce frozen margarita
Calories: 540
Fat: 0 grams

Now burn it off with:
160 minutes of picking up around the house
80 minutes of hiking, cross country
60 minutes of playing basketball


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