Fitbit Challenge Update- Week Three- Feeling hungrier and thirstier

Wednesday, August 24, 2016
Week Three Steps Achieved During My Month-long Fitbit Challenge
Good news is I have kept on racking up the 10,000 steps per day, every day during my month long Fitbit Challenge. I am actually amazed at myself! Twenty-three days into it and I have managed to get to 10,000 steps each and everyday (or more!). It has not always been easy to do. For instance last week I had more than one day with over 4,000 steps to attain and it was already after 9PM. I am lucky enough to have an old treadmill in the basement I can turn on, watch some TV and work on those additional steps not yet trekked.

What I have noticed as I have continued this Fitbit Challenge is that I am on average hungrier and thirstier than before. It is true; you do feel hungry when you exercise more. I have read articles about people who train for runs and marathons and how they can actually end up gaining weight because they feel hungry more frequently. I find this is true, particularly the days I run as part of my exercise. I seem to burn through my oatmeal faster at breakfast so I end up being hungry mid-morning and stay that way unless I eat something. At first you want to use the added exercise as an excuse to eat more. This completely defeats the point of the added exercise. Why do we do this to ourselves?!?

I decided my goal had to be to remain mindful and not gain any weight during my month long challenge. With my family obligations and travel schedule I figured focusing on the challenge and not gaining weight was as much as I could sustain. Losing weight, if it happened, would be an added bonus. This hasn’t happened, but I have maintained my weight, which makes me happy.

My thirst has me drinking more since we are still in the hot days of summer. I am drinking water but I have to admit my sugar-free soda pop consumption has increased. Good news is I love Bai5 drinks. They are delicious and promoted to be nutritious with only 10 calories per bottle. I use them as a treat for myself. The coconut flavor is something to savor. It seems like a good strategy for keeping me going, managing my weight and still getting in the necessary fluids I need.

There are days I have imagined I needed a break from the rigor of my 10,000 steps a day challenge yet once I get up and get going I have surprised myself in managing to get to that number everyday. Different days need different tactics. All for the good of the goal. Kind of fun showing myself I can do this! One more week to go!

Still going strong!


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