Finding Inspiration and Sharing it

Friday, October 7, 2016

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. There is not a person among us who has not been personally affected by breast cancer or knows someone close to them who has battled this all too prevalent disease. Many of us know a number of women who have faced this disease. Some lost their lives. Thinking about National Breast Cancer Awareness Month brings back a whole host of memories.

The first person I ever knew to have breast cancer was my best friend’s mother. That was some 55 years ago. It was hush-hush. No one was supposed to know. She faced a mastectomy, chemotherapy and recovery in silence and alone. She survived and is still alive today.  Her life is an inspiring story, but only to the few of us who know about it.

Thank goodness the world has become much more open about acknowledging and sharing the reality of breast cancer. We can talk about it now and name it. We follow the very public stories of famous people like Angelina Jolie and Amy Robach who have faced the disease and shared their journeys. We can openly give our love and support to those who are diagnosed and on the journey of life with breast cancer and celebrate the good news offered by survivors.   

What is evident to me is how we all cherish the life lessons we are given from the ones we know who have been diagnosed and live with cancer. We learn how precious life is and how it is to be celebrated. We understand that we all thrive on inspiration whether it be from observing the lives of the ones with cancer, from the stories they share, the poetry they write or is written as a result of their inspiration.

There is such an amazing sisterhood surrounding the community of breast cancer survivors thanks in big part to organizations like Susan G. Komen focused on saving lives and finding the cure for breast cancer.

It doesn’t mean it is easy or that you don’t feel alone when you first find out you have the disease. What is important is to know there are a whole host of resources, a community of support and so many people who get it and are willing to help others on the journey.

Some days, though, we don’t want to be the inspiring story or to be the big support for others. We’re the ones who need to be inspired and gain renewed energy from it. We need to find the inspiration and then share it.

As someone who lost a mom to cancer I personally know the need for renewing the spirit and finding inspiration. Words can have such a profound affect on us. Seeing words of comfort, motivation and aspiration can truly help us to feel good and keep going. I so believe in this I did a crazy thing and created a whole line of dishware to help people feel better, eat well and savor every moment of life. It is called Celebrate: The Poetry of Life.

In honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and all of us who share in the reality of this disease let me share a cup of tea and a little Celebrate inspiration.

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