Summertime Meal Making

Friday, July 19, 2019

Diabetes-Friendly Portioning with LivSpoons

Summer is making its annual crescendo. I don’t know about you, but our family looks for ways to make meal planning and preparing easier during the hot months ahead. We do this so we can spend more time outside hanging out with family and friends, gardening, biking, walking, hiking, kayaking, playing badminton or croquet, as well as enjoying a swimming pool or slip ‘n slid. There are so many fun things to do!

To be mindful of eating healthy, it is still important to plan ahead, even when the meals themselves are simple to prepare. It is always important to think ahead, have the right foods on hand and make sure through out your week you are able to make balanced meals that are perfectly portioned.

We thought we would share some ideas on how you can create simple, healthy and diabetes-friendly meals in right-sized portions. Each portion is measured by LivSpoons to illustrate the specific measurements as well as the comparative measurements of the different types of foods. The images below illustrate how easy it is to create a meal combining food groups for a balanced, healthy meal. Imagine what breakfast, lunch and dinner can look like!

Before you get caught up in all the fun of summer, take a minute to refresh your memory and remind yourself on the doable and repeatable ways you can be mindful living with diabetes with our FREE and downloadable ebook, Manage Your Diabetes Through Portion Control.

Download our FREE Managing Your  Diabetes Through Portion Control eBook!

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