Guest Blog: Flourishing Emotionally as Well as Physically After WLS

Friday, August 16, 2019
At last! That stubborn weight you have battled for years is finally vanishing from your body. A physically healthier you is emerging and you are engaging more fully in life. You have more energy, you are taking fewer medications, and you are participating more wholeheartedly in a life you love! You are flourishing physically, getting around more easily, enjoying the freedom that improved mobility provides you, and resuming a more active lifestyle.

In order to best appreciate and fully utilize the improvements taking place in your body following weight loss surgery, you want to do all you can to thrive emotionally, as well. Feeling emotionally uplifted is accomplished fairly easily as unwanted pounds dissolve and you feel better physically. It is thrilling to see your clothes become looser and to fit into smaller sizes. The compliments about how amazing you look cause your spirits to soar. Your increasing self-confidence buoys your self-esteem and you feel yourself walking with your head held a bit higher and with a touch of a bounce in your step! 

To ensure that your emotional health continues to blossom if you hit a weight “stall,” if you regain a pound or two, if you are tempted to return to unhealthy habits, or any time you have self-doubts, use these five inspiring tools to resume that “can-do” spirit of yours!

1). Talk positively about yourself. Be relentless in your commitment to halt all negative self-talk. Negative self-talk is inevitably going to happen. That’s not a problem. Allowing yourself to “ride that wave” can become a huge problem. Fortunately, it’s something you can easily (yes, easily) alter! ANY time you become aware of thinking or speaking negatively about yourself, say (aloud or to yourself), “Negative self-talk is NOT an option! I talk only kindly about myself.” Then literally restate what you just thought or said that was negative and make it kinder.

2). Look in the mirror and state a positive affirmation at least twice a day. Look into your own eyes and repeat the affirmation, out loud, three times, slowly. Not kidding. You’ll be amazed at what happens over time.

3). When you receive a compliment, do two things: a) say out loud, “Thank you,” and b) say to yourself, “I think so, too!” Even if you don’t believe it. Trust me. You’ll learn to love this. 

4). Learn to set boundaries and then actually use them. Refuse to jeopardize your health. Say “no” to people, places, and things that threaten your weight loss, your health, or your self-esteem. Setting boundaries shows others that you value yourself. 

5). Develop mantras to help you take care of both your physical and emotional health. Don’t feel like exercising? Use the manta “It’s what I do.” Tempted to give in to unhealthy foods? Use the mantra, “That’s not an option for me.” Fearful of hurting other people’s feelings by saying “no” to lunch at the buffet or “no” to their gift of unhealthy foods? Use the mantra, “My good health requires good healthy choices.” And the following mantra can be used any time to remind yourself of a very important truth: “My Health. My Responsibility. This Day. Every Day.”

Continue to prosper throughout your weight loss journey, a journey of physical and emotional health that lasts your entire lifetime! All the best. Connie

Dr. Connie Stapleton is all about helping you live life fully, free from the mental and emotional shackles of constant thoughts (and guilt) related to food and weight. Let Connie be your “recovery conscience” as she educates you about the critical missing element of weight loss: healing your relationship with self. Specializing in food addiction and all addiction issues, Connie teaches via her books, online classes and videos, at in-person retreats, and at group events. Get help and get happy!

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