Why Livliga Works—It's Eco-Friendly and BPA-Free

Friday, June 5, 2020

Celebrate Portion Control Dinnerware

When we were ready to manufacture Livliga products we thought it was important to provide a product that in its very structure and material was healthy for people to use. It has never made sense to us at Livliga that people are asked to live healthier lives but the tools being provided to them are made of materials that do not promote health, quite the opposite, and in fact, are not eco-friendly or BPA-free.

Livliga is FDA Approved
Our dishware is made of porcelain. This is a material of the earth. It is important to point out that porcelain is a durable material that will wear well and last. The energy used to create our dinnerware is offset by the longevity of its use.  We use non-toxic colors that are both cadmium and lead free and exceed FDA standards. We certify each lot of our product every time we manufacture. We meet the highest standards.

Livliga is compliant with Prop 65
Not only is our product made of health-supporting materials, it can also be used safely in a microwave and can be put in a dishwasher without worry of degradation, as can be seen with plastics. Because we are not made of plastic we are considered BPA-free. What is it about plastic that makes it harmful to our health? Here is what Harvard Medical School says, “Studies have found that certain chemicals in plastic can leach out of the plastic and into the food and beverages we eat. Some of these chemicals have been linked to health problems such as metabolic disorders (including obesity) and reduced fertility. This leaching can occur even faster and to a greater degree when plastic is exposed to heat. This means you might be getting an even higher dose of potentially harmful chemicals simply by microwaving your leftovers in a plastic container.” What is significant to point out here is that this statement encompasses all plastics, including those designated as BPA-free. Current studies are highlighting that all plastics leach, including BPA-free plastics. In a recent article in Live Science it was stated, “Worries over bisphenol A (BPA), a chemical commonly found in plastics, have led to a surge in BPA-free products. But now, a new study suggests that the chemicals replacing BPA may also be cause for concern. The study found that, among U.S. children, exposure to two common chemicals used in place of BPA — called bisphenol S (BPS) and bisphenol F (BPF) — is linked with an increased risk of obesity. Both BPS and BPF are similar in structure to BPA and can be found in some types of plastic, canned goods and other products.” Not only have BPA-free plastics been linked to health issues for children, they have also been associated with health issues for men and women, including infertility. The only way to protect yourself from the effects of plastic is to avoid your exposure to them, especially when consuming food. Livliga helps you do just that.

Livliga sources from companies that have a reforest program

The packaging we use for our dinnerware incorporates post consumer waste, and we also source from companies that have a reforest program as part of their renewable program.  All packaging is recyclable and we encourage recycling.

Livliga packaging is recyclable
Bottom line: Livliga is all about living a healthy lifestyle. The tableware we make and the information we share is to support each of our customers in living life as their healthiest selves. Our eco-friendly and plastic-free products do just that.

Livliga Celebrate portion control side plate Live Well

Live well. Be well!

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