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Friday, June 19, 2020
Livliga Stashers Product Review

Isn’t it fun to discover great new products? I love being able to explore new products that better fit our healthy lifestyle. Stashers are just such a product. They are a reusable silicone storage envelope you can use for a variety of foods and other items you store in containers.

Livliga Stasher Product Review- Food Storage Bags

Stashers come in many colors and sizes.  These handy items come in fun colors so you can suit your fancy or buy specific colors and sizes for specific uses. The envelopes that stand up are really handy for food storage, especially leftovers with sauce.

These storage containers are infinitely handy. Stashers can be used and stored at room temperature, in hot water for sous vide, in the refrigerator and even in the freezer. You can easily put them in the microwave too to heat up what is inside. They are endlessly portable with a great seal. These handy storage envelopes are perfect for taking your lunch to work, organizing a picnic, or carrying snacks for the kids.

Stashers can be used over and over again. This means they are very earth-friendly. They are easy to clean in the dishwasher. And I love that I am not using or throwing away ziplock bags anymore…I just don’t need them.

Livliga Stashers product review with LivSpoon

Stashers and Livliga are great products to use together. They both are eco-friendly and are manufactured with the purpose of making the world we live in better and healthier. They are BPA-free and completely plastic free so no worries about contributing more mounds of non-degradable materials to the garbage heap.

Plus Livliga and Stashers are easy to use, well made to last a long time, and attractive. You also have choice of colors and designs. You are going to like them so much you are going to end up giving them as gifts…I have!

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