10 Tips for Cutting Carbs

Friday, July 31, 2020
10 Tips for Cutting Carbs by Livliga
The seasonal changes in our lives are always a good time to check up on our carb consumption. We can all benefit from limiting our highly processed and packaged carbs. Instead planning meals with high quality carbs that come from whole foods is much healthier for us, and honestly, more satisfying. Healthy eating is the best gift we can give to ourselves as well as the ones who we love.

Swap your food choices to healthier alternative

Here are 10 tips for cutting carbs as we focus on living life as our healthiest selves:

  1. Cook and prepare most of your meals
  2. Read the labels on the canned and packaged foods you buy and choose the healthiest option
  3. Plan your meals and snacks ahead of time
  4. Track what you eat with a food journal or a convenient online app like Fitbit
  5. Include whole grains for the carbs you plan for your meals
  6. Choose high protein snacks like unadulterated yogurt, eggs or homemade smoothies 
  7. When eating fruit choose whole fruits or canned fruit with no added sugar
  8. Be aware of quantities, measuring your food, especially your carbs, and serve up right-sized standard servings
  9. Swap out refined sugar with other natural sweeteners like apple sauce, honey, or maple syrup when cooking or baking
  10. Drink flavored waters instead of sugar packed sodas

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