Book Review: Release Your Regain

Friday, July 24, 2020
Release Your Regin Book Review by Livliga

Dr. Kristin Lloyd, PhD, LPC, CCH does it again! Her new book, “Release Your Regain” goes to the heart of the chronic challenge of post-bariatric surgery regain. She shares the specific ways we can stop the shame, embrace our ability to make positive change, and gives us the steps we need to take to make the changes we want in order to live life as our healthiest selves. She makes it clear that only we have the power to make the change. It may not be easy but it is possible.

Because Dr. Lloyd is a post–bariatric patient herself she brings personal understanding and insight as well as empathy into the realm of the tough subject of regain. An important insight she shares is that we can’t tackle the regain until we are ready to or, as many of us already know, we will not succeed. She walks us through the steps necessary to be ready for change.

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As a psychotherapist, Kristin is able to outline the issues and stages we can take to get control of our regain by addressing the emotional, psychological, and behavioral reasons for weight regain after weight loss surgery. As she points out, “…you can release your regain at any time or stage of your journey.” She further explains, “…the majority of regain comes from poor lifestyle choices and a lack of behavior modification after surgery.” And additionally, she points out “Post-op issues are life skills issues and largely emotional regulation issues.” Often these are the issues that are glossed over or neglected. That is why this book is such a great resource for the WLS community.

Every chapter has “Reflection Questions” at the end of it. These help you understand what your challenges are and to personalize the process to make it work for you. Kristin makes clear, “Lasting lifestyle change occurs over time. It is not a light switch. It doesn’t just happen. It’s intentional, gradual, and requires a practice of new behaviors.”

Finally there is a book to help us let go of the shame and our regain, allowing us to better understand ourselves emotionally and embrace the healthy lifestyle we seek.

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