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Friday, August 21, 2020
MMcDonalds Supersize Fry Big vs. Small  Package

We all know it and struggle with it. Overeating is an everyday reality. We live in a super-sized world. Even worse, we have been programmed over our lifetime to believe that more is better and that the better deal is getting more for the money we pay, especially when it comes to food. “What makes those larger sizes even more troublesome is that they’re marketed and sold as bargains. When people learn to equate massive amounts of food with a good deal, it becomes an even more Herculean task to change their behavior,” says Diane Ty, Portion Balance Coalition Project Director from Georgetown University Business School in a recent Quartz article. Another problem is that the value we get for our money is equated with quantity, not quality…and it is killing us. More is not better when it comes to the consumption of food.

In reality, more is often given to us at the cost of quality. And of even greater concern is that we are programmed to eat what is in front of us. Huge portions amount to huge meals that add on pounds that ultimately affects our health. As New York University nutrition science professor Marion Nestle has put it, “larger portions encourage people not just to eat more, but to underestimate how much they’re eating. It’s as much a mental game as it is a mathematical one.”

Large Portion of an over sized greasy burger versus a normal serving size of a burger on Livliga's tableware

As is becoming apparent, in order to change our behavior we will need to change our culture. More is not better when it comes to food. Amounts do matter. A portion is not the same as a serving size. Food corporations, restaurants, grocery stores convenience outlets and even our homes will need to right size their offerings so all of us can become aware of right sized amounts. Currently we have no idea what right-sized servings look like. Our only frame of reference is super-sized portions.

How do we get started? Where we have the most control…our homes. And there is no better time than today to begin. When you listen to the successful weight loss stories on TV or read them in a magazine what do all those individuals say? Every single one has changed their food environment. They swapped out healthier foods for the less healthy ones, they planned ahead, they measured what they ate and they changed how they spend their time, fitting in exercise and healthier activities. 

As most will agree, losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle long term is more a mental game than a physical one. We have to permanently change behaviors and live in an environment that supports us in that healthy lifestyle. We need to invest in ourselves and the tools we need to succeed long term. Livliga was created for just that purpose. 

Map showing the portion sizes of each of  Livliga's Right sized tableware

Livliga created a system of right-sized tableware with psychology and measurement built in to help all of us serve up healthy meals in just right serving sizes. Not only have the dishes been right-sized but when you put the right amount of food in or on our dishes it appears plentiful so you can be satisfied at the end of the meal. This is important because we don’t want to feel deprived our denied because if we do we will end up eating more, right? So the psychology of the dishes is key. That is also why they are artist designed and use colors that calm us and make us feel better rather than the opposite, which is what a lot of restaurants do. That is why Livliga now has 3 patents and 3 national awards. We truly are unique and can make a difference in helping people live a healthy life long term. As we think about it, what is the best value we can receive in our lives? Our good health.  With good health we can pursue our dreams, live up to our responsibilities, and have the energy to give to those we love and care about, including ourselves.  Livliga is a means to help you achieve that best value of all…your good health. 

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