Tools to Help Your Family Stay Healthy

Friday, April 2, 2021


There are steps you can take to set your family up for healthy success


Tools to Help Your Family Stay Healthy
Livliga provides a system for preparing and serving right sized amounts of food for the whole family

This past year we have been reminded of how precious life is and how important our families are. As a mom I spend a lot of time wanting to make sure my kids stay healthy. That is why at Livliga we created the Family Friendly Bundle as part of our Everyday Bundles meant to help everyone live healthier, happier lives.


Livliga Family Friendly Bundle

To help our kids live as their healthiest selves we need to give them the tools to manage what they eat as well as how much they eat. This is also true for the adults in the household. In the super sized world we live in we have no reference for right-sized eating. That is where Livliga comes in; we have created a right sized world that makes it easier to serve up just right portions, no matter what age you are or where you fit into to your family. We have you covered.


Livliga has Right sized Dinnerware for All Ages and Needs

Every one deserves to have their own right sized dishes. The needs of family members are different. What we eat and how much we eat depends on our age, gender, and activity level as well as any health concerns we may be living with. That is why we have a children’s line (ideal for ages 3-8) and our standard lines, like Halsa, that work for teenagers and adults as well as those living with diabetes. All lines have icons designed on the plates for the different measurements of the different food groups. In the Standard line there are even two lines for two different measurements where you serve up your grain or starch to support people in serving up the right measurement for them according to their specific needs and goals. Servings should and can be personalized according to what makes sense in a right sized world for each person.


Livliga has built in measurement that is easily customized
Livliga has built in measurement that is easily customized

A healthy lifestyle is relevant and important to every family member. We all deserve to live life as our healthiest selves. Livliga has developed the tools to help you and your family succeed. We encourage you to discover the healthy lifestyle Livliga offers. We make it easy for you to invest in the tools to help you live life to the fullest.

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