Adventures of A Healthy Lifestyle Start Up — Livliga As A Case Study

Friday, July 30, 2021


Livliga Beehive Interview As a Case Study

You know you have been around awhile when…you are used as a case study in business school!

As a healthy lifestyle company we have had so many adventures and learned a lot a long the way. I have always welcomed and been willing to share my experience in hopes it might inspire and help others. One of my entrepreneurial tenets is that it is important to make time to help others. Others helped me the same way as I was developing Livliga.

The help I have given has taken on many forms over the years. I have spoken to many people one-on-one in phone calls and zoom meetings and over coffee…lots of coffee. I have been interviewed for podcasts, like the Beehive. I have been interviewed for books written for entrepreneurs and starts ups, like Main Street Entrepreneur and Makers Who Made It. I have made presentations to peer groups, like the USDA/ MyPlate and the Denver University School of Business.

What surprised me recently was when I found out Livliga and my start up story are now part of online business courses and and case studies for business schools. I first learned of this from my husband. He called me up after having facilitated an order for a customer. He often likes to ask people how they learned about Livliga. This time the customer said she had learned about us through a business course she had taken in Utah…the university had used our company as a case study. She was impressed with our story and wanted to invest in our product! I was very flattered and curious. So next I went online and found out we are also part of an online course by MyEducator. In fact we are part of Lesson 3—New Venture Creation and are featured in the chapter called, Knowledge From Personal Experience. Google is amazing. I would never have known this if my curiosity had not been piqued.

Lesson learned? It is important to be a participating member of the various communities we become a part of as a start up, entrepreneur, and woman business owner, as examples. And if you have been around long enough people start telling stories about you! Having our story told beyond our own blog and website is not only humbling but a great way for more people to learn about Livliga. And truthfully, we have more than one story to tell. There is the story of inventing the product but that story is not only personal, it is a story about the birth of an innovative product and business. Hopefully that story is already spawning the next generation of innovation to help people live healthier lives.


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