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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cooking Class: Marinating

I was roaming around the internet looking for some great marinades when I came across this great "101" on the principals of marinating from Cooking Light. I thought is was very helpful and easy to understand regarding the basics of marinades. There is even a video on the subject which I felt was worth the time to watch it. Always good to get a "brush up" on any cooking method.

I like marinades because they are generally easy to do and are made for prepping ahead of time which saves time at dinnertime when you are making your meal. It is a healthy and low calorie way to add flavor to any food. They are truly great with any food, including the expected meats as well as with fruits and vegetables. I don't do marinades as much in the fall and winter but come spring I am ready to grill again and my desire for marinades reappears. I will be sharing a number of recipes which include marinating in the months ahead. Get ready for some fun grilling!

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