Post Surgery Knee Update-- ugh!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012
An Amusing Photo Image Capturing How Big the Needle Seemed!

Well things are not going as smoothly as I had hoped. I went for another 3 week check in with my orthopedic surgeon. Not only am I still struggling with the thrombophlebitis, but my knee also remains too swollen. So my doctor recommended draining my knee of the excess fluid. Lovely!

Yesterday at the doctor's office I had the thrill of having my knee drained of the excess fluid and then getting a steroid shot in my knee. She did inject lidocaine in my knee before putting this very large needle in my knee with a very large syringe to draw off the fluid. Well, no doubt about it, there was a lot of fluid to draw off! Once that was done, in went the third needle with the steroid. That was painful! Ouch! Back on went the ace bandage (thank goodness it doesn't have to stay on for long).

I have to lay off cycling for another three weeks or any other repetitive activity that would excite my knee to make more fluid. Stretching and flexing exercises are encouraged. At least I can still go to the gym and exercise...keeping my head in the game! It makes such a difference in helping me feel in control and mindful of my desire and commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

I will not feel sorry for myself...I will not feel sorry for myself...I will not feel sorry for myself...

I will focus on healing myself...looking forward to a son's graduation from Grad School and a niece's wedding...walking and dancing into summer!

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