How to "Peel" Hard Boiled Eggs without Peeling

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Hard Boiled eggs are such a great, portable source of protein. When I was in the Peace Corps I saved up my eggs and would hard boiled them right before a trip. They were easy to carry, easy to eat while straddling burlap bags of manioc or dried fish on top of a merchants truck and kept my hunger at bay.

They are also great in our everyday lives. They are delicious in salads, make for a great egg salad sandwich, and in the summer time my family loves deviled eggs for a picnic. The problem lies in peeling the buggers. Often the egg white sticks to the shell. I have tried all the advice there is to try and get eggs that peel no great success. However the other day I came across this fun video on Tim Ferriss's blog- Experiments in Lifestyle Design- that brought a smile to my face and a wonder to my mind...could this really work. It looks like the key is the baking soda. For all you moms out there with kids still little enough to enjoy kitchen experiments, I can see this being a fun way to get your kids involved in cooking. Regardless, it is worth a try for us all to find a better way to "peel" our hard boiled eggs. Enjoy!

How to "Peel" Hard Boiled Eggs Without Peeling Video

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