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Friday, August 2, 2013

 I read this thought provoking reflection on how we can find hope, particularly when grappling with our issues with food. Mostly I find we are provided information on what we need to do but not how to get there. It is obvious what we are doing "wrong" but how do we figure out how to change patterns and stick to the path we want for a healthier life? Mark David is a talented professional who concentrates on the psychology of eating. He is one of the few who is helping us to get in touch with what we are doing and also helping us to understand not only the "why" of what we are doing but also "how" we might make the changes we need to in order to arrive at the lifestyle we are seeking. I don't know the man, but I feel he really understands me! It is nearly impossible to find hope if you are stuck hitting your head against the same spot on the wall, over and over again. How to change by finding hope and seeing the possibilities of self enlightenment?

In reading the thoughts below, I see how I need to approach my life and my habits with honesty and "fresh eyes". I have to search for the beliefs I am holding on to that are limiting me and my ability to have hope. I am excited about stretching and finding the flexibility I need. Read on for your own understanding:

Change Your Worldview- One of the first steps to finding hope with whatever eating concern, or health issue you might face, is to notice where your worldview needs to change. We get locked into apathy and despair the moment we believe in an unfriendly universe that either doesn’t care, or at worst: is out to get us. It’s easy to think that we’re truly alone in our suffering, and that no one could possibly understand what we’re going through. To find hope, at some point, we have to see the world through fresh eyes. We have to notice the kinds of limiting beliefs that keep us locked into a cycle of pain and frustration. Changing one’s worldview isn’t easy. We get locked into strong beliefs about how we see life. Republicans stay staunchly Republican, Democrats stay locked into their Democrat-ness, and it’s easy to assume that our religion, our way of eating, and our philosophy of living is clearly the right one. Yet, one of the greatest acts of transformation that a human can do is to change to a better and more efficient way of seeing the world. Rigidity is death. Flexibility is life. If you need proof of this, simply compare dead bodies to living ones. So, if you’re ready to stretch a bit, then you’re ready to find the hope that you want and the solution that you need.

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