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Updating a Classic— The All American Patty Melt

September 12, 2013

Updating a Classic-- The All American Patty Melt (livligahome)
This past week I took on the challenge of updating another classic—the All American Patty Melt. There are foods we have grown up with that are our comfort food. These recipes remind us of what is good in life. A mouthful of a favorite can cause us to close our eyes and moan with delight. Often, however, these dishes are filled with fatty ingredients, salt and the ever-present sugar.  I have learned from some modern-day chefs, like Rocco DiSpirito, that it is possible to update favorites and make them healthier without giving up the flavor and satisfaction. In fact, we should settle for nothing less. I thought I would try my hand with the All American Patty Melt. Click here to read the entire article...

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