An Evening of Mindful Eating

Friday, March 6, 2015

Sheila and Walt Dietrich with Dr. Brian Wansink (center)
We all have people we admire for the work they do and the contributions they have made to make the world a better place. They are the people we have on our bucket wish list when the occasion arises and someone asks you—“Who would you like most to meet?” Well one of my wishes came true recently. I got to spend an evening  with a man who is making a big difference in the world of behavioral economics and weight management through the research he is doing—Dr. Brian Wansink.

Walt and Sheila Dietrich with Chef Tim (center) at the International Culinary Center
 Livliga actually created the opportunity. As a way to introduce editors and journalists to the effectiveness of Livliga and to experience it first hand, we hosted a dinner party at the International Culinary Center in New York City. We worked with Chef Tim to design a menu that was delicious, visually appealing and healthy that would showcase our suite of tableware well. We used every piece from our serving bowls and LivSpoons to our wine and beverage glasses to our bowls, side plates, dinner plates and mugs. 

Guests attending an Evening of Mindful Eating experiencing the benefits of Livliga first-hand
 Not only did we want everyone to experience our elegant portion control tableware, but we also wanted them to understand the science behind our line of dishware. We wanted our guests to see that shape, size, color, design and visual illusion can have a positive effect on how you perceive right-sized amounts of food as “enough” and also how it has an important effect on your sense of satisfaction at the end of your meal. 

The perfectly portioned entree for An Evening of Mindful Eating looking plentiful and appealing
 As we developed this special Evening of Mindful Eating we knew there was one person who could speak first hand to the importance of environment on what you eat, how much you eat, when you choose to eat and when you finally choose to stop eating—Dr. Brian Wansink, the head of the Food Lab at Cornell University. It was a big, hairy audacious goal to imagine asking Dr. Wansink to come and participate in our healthy dinner party.  As good fortune would have it, he has just come out with a new book Slim by Design that is all about the importance of creating interior spaces and food environments that support you in eating right-sized portions every day at every meal.  His book is a perfect explanation for why Livliga works and helps people control their food environment. Livliga is a tool to create healthy eating spaces.

Dr. Brian Wansink speaking about his new book "Slim by Design" and the benefits of using Livliga
 We reached out to Dr. Wansink to ask him to be part of this seminal evening for Livliga. He said “Yes!” It was a magical evening. He could not have been more gracious or complimentary about Livliga, speaking about it directly to our other guests. And I got to spend an evening with one of the people I most admire. It just goes to show that it is worth it to be hairy and audacious with your dreams because you might just have the opportunity to make them come true. 

The meal was completed with a poached pear in a balsamic vinegar and port wine reduction drizzled with dark chocolate sauce

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