Looking back--2016 New Year Fresh Start--Focusing on Mindset

Friday, January 15, 2016

This year will be known as the year of new paradigm shifts. This is the year of focusing on my mindset. Dr. Carol Dweck, a professor at Stanford University, has studied the power of mindset.  She has shown that it is our set of beliefs about ourselves and our capabilities that influence our ability to succeed. She shows through her research that it is possible to move from a fixed-mindset to a growth-mindset. It is through a growth-mindset that we can change entrenched beliefs while also changing old self-destructive habits to then achieve the success we seek.

In order to do this we have to first believe we can change. This means listening to the internal messaging that we currently have which has kept us from the change we desire. What judgments have we made about ourselves that we hold deep inside? At some point we believed something about ourselves that was limiting. We internalized a judgment about our imperfection, inability or ineptitude that provided the fixed-mindset we have been guided by for however long we have been unable to change. We have to name it to change it.

In order to change our fixed mindset we need to visualize the change we want. Then we need to make a concrete plan that outlines specifics that will help us achieve the change we desire. It needs to include the when, where and how.

When we implement the plan the key is to stick to it. We have to hold on to the belief that we can change and not give into the old fixed-mindset that keeps us from the change we want and desire.

Steps to Take in 2016 to Embrace a Growth-mindset:

  • Creating a mindful and ever present purpose- living a healthy lifestyle
  • Changing how I think about food and me- it is not who I am. It is what fuels me and provides great pleasure
  • Self hypnosis- getting my mind on board and reinforcing the growth-mindset, over and over again
  • New mantra- favorite food shift- visualizing healthy foods like: celery and chocolate PB2
  • Meditation- taking a few minutes each day to breath, relax and believe that I am worthy of feeling and looking good
  • Paying attention to how I feel and doing something about it- doing my exercises to heal and strengthen from injuries and tending to myself when I am tired or not feeling well
  • Adding time to my cardio work out-  increasing my time from 30 minutes to 40 minutes in order to go for the next 50 pounds. Consistently practice interval exercise
  • Mindful eating- eating what makes me feel good not the comfort food of indulgence
  • Log all food- even on "bad" days
  • Sleep more hours each night- get in bed at 10:30 and lights out at 11. Goal 7 hours
  • Making a healthy lifestyle permanent and sustainable- getting my mind, heart and body all on the same growth-mindset
  • Include Weight loss as part of the plan- Going for the next “50”. Total to lose- 57   pounds; looking at it in 3 segments of 19 pounds each. Target months-- April, August, December. 
    •  Sub goal 1: lose the weight over a years time
    •  Sub goal 2: lose 5 pounds per month
  • Why am I doing this?- My Ultimate Purpose
    • To live what I preach
    • To be a physical manifestation of what I preach
    • To be a better role model to others wanting to live a healthy lifestyle
    • To help eliminate physical pain exacerbated by weight
    • To improve my cholesterol numbers
    • To make life a little easier
    • To have more fun because I will have a deeper well of energy
    • To feel the success in what I preach--personally-- both inside and out
    • To prove it is possible to have a growth-mindset long term

This is the year of the Growth-Mindset.

Additional Note: 
I have been watching My Diet Is Better Than Yours and very interestingly the contestant Jeff was really struggling with his own mindset issues on the show this week. He was struggling in completing his tasks, slamming parts of the competition and expressing a lot of frustration. His Coach, Jay Cardiello, pointed out how we can really get in the way of our own success because of our mindset. So did the TV host Shaun T. The moment Jeff focused on the reality of his negative "fixed-mindset" and committed to personally doing something about it he started succeeding again and losing weight. He, in fact, was the winner of last night's competition! He did name it to change it!

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