Top Ten Live Vibrant Blogs of 2015

Friday, January 1, 2016

As we embrace the New Year it is always a healthy act to look back and reflect on the past year. As a blog writer it is fun and absolutely enlightening to see what I wrote and what resonated with people as they search for information and look for resources or advice. With that in mind I thought I would share with everyone what our Top Ten Live Vibrant blogs were for 2015.

Enjoy and share!

  1. Keeping on Track in 2015
  2. Product Review--Zone PastaRX™--Protein Packed Pasta
  3. Good Luck Cookies*—full of health and herbal magic
  4. Marital Stress Escalates Heart Disease
  5. 6 Reasons to Use a Slow Cooker in the Summer
  6. Indulge! Eggs are No Longer on the Forbidden Foods List
  7. Adventures of a Healthy Lifestyle Start Up—First Trip to China
  8. Drinks- Rosemary Tequila Lime Smash
  9. A Doctor's Confession- The Truth Comes Out About Heart Disease
  10. Welsh Lamb and Root Soup--good for your heart and health!

The Live Vibrant blog hit a milestone during 2015 of surpassing 100,000 pageviews. It is thanks to you, our readers! It is an incredible journey we are all on living life to the fullest and always looking for ways to embrace a healthier lifestyle each day.

Here’s to you! Here’s to the New Year!

Here’s to Living Vibrant in 2016!

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