People are Lovin’ their LivSpoons!

Friday, January 8, 2016
Over the holidays many people sent me photos of them in action “Lovin’ their LivSpoons”. This is so exciting to see and now I want to share with you all the reasons people are loving them.
LivSpoons Make Serving Up Food Easy

They make fixing breakfast in the morning super easy. The ½ cup LivSpoon® measures the coffee for the coffee press and the 1 cup LivSpoon measures out the right amount of oatmeal.

You can’t beat the “flawless” way a LivSpoon measures the batter for making waffles and also makes it a whole lot less messy than it used to be with the gooey measuring cup I used to use that was such a hassle to clean up!

So great for serving up soups and stews. Over the holidays with all the family and friends its great to have a pot of chili or soup on the stove ready to serve up. Using a LivSpoon makes it inviting and available for everyone.
Serving up salad dressings and sauces is now a breeze with the smallest LivSpoon. I can’t imagine how I ever served them up before! Its so convenient and works on many different bowls, tureens and gravy boats.
I love the way the LivSpoon makes my starches look. The ½ cup rounded serving of rice, grains or potatoes looks so pretty on my plate. The food just looks that much more appealing.
Anything I have to measure is now made easier with my LivSpoons. They are really a cool and unique design. I also like the way it fits in my hand!

There is even someone who uses a LivSpoon to serve up their dog food. They love using the ¾ cup to measure out their dog’s food. They noted the LivSpoon is durable and that with the handle on them it makes it easy to reach down and scoop out the right amount of food for their beloved pet.
Other people mentioned how they like the LivSpoons because they:
  • make filling muffin tins with batter so easy
  • serve up peas quick and easy and less eventfully (they used to roll off serving spoons and scattered)
  • makes baking and measuring so much more fun and effortless
  • are so much more attractive to use at the table when serving up portioned food
  • are the first spoon that measures a single serving of peanut in one scoop
  • allow me to measure my food in front of other people without making it a big deal or obvious
  • feel so comfortable in the hand
It is so great to hear about so many ways people are “lovin’ their LivSpoons”. The LivSpoon is the most recent elegant portion control product to be launched by Livliga.

The LivSpoon®, in addition to our other Livliga tableware, is the latest tool to help you control your food environment in an elegant and subtle way.

Happy New Year! Here’s to your happiest and healthiest New Year yet!

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