How to Live your Life—Allison’s Life Truths

Friday, February 12, 2016

A dear friend passed away a year ago February 12. She was a classmate of one of our son’s. She was also a summer helper for our youngest when she was in elementary school.  She was a mere 31 years of age when she was killed in a car accident yet her affect on the world around her was beautifully profound. It had a lot to do with the way she approached life. At her service a list was shared on how she lived her life. It is a list I look at, think about and take with me wherever I go. It is wise, inspiring, generous in spirit and challenging. I wanted to share it with you now because I believe it will be thought provoking and compelling for you too. It is not just about living in the moment. It is more about how we approach our lives and our mindset.

Allison’s Life Truths:

1. Never hesitate to laugh at yourself; it’s the most joyful proof of humility there is.

2. Go above and beyond for your friends and family, jump at extraordinary opportunities to show others you love them.

3. Don’t just stand there… DANCE!!!

4. Practice authenticity so much that you forget how to be any other way.

5.Take a hike! Seriously, this world is beautiful. Let it inspire you to do something amazing.

6. Be deeply thankful for what you have while also striving to improve yourself and the world around you.

7. Let your passion lead you to do crazy things…like biking hundreds of miles for the environment.

8. Live your life on purpose.

9. Don’t keep track of the number of favors you do for friends.

10. Hit on your friends sometimes, deep down it makes them feel good.

11. Go one step further…just because.

May these truths inspire you too! And above all—Live Vibrant!

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