Introducing! Celebrate: The Poetry of Life

Friday, February 5, 2016

Celebrate dinnerware speaks directly to our emotions and senses with motivational phrases and beautiful designs (photo by Chris Bohnhoff)
Livliga is proud to introduce its latest line of dinnerware—Celebrate: The Poetry of Life. In an effort to make healthy eating an enjoyable, pleasurable, and even stylish experience, leading lifestyle brand, Livliga, is proud to introduce this newest dinnerware line, Celebrate: The Poetry of Life. Based on the company’s VisualQ’s philosophy, the 16-piece set will help redefine the portion control category by taking the guesswork out of “right-sized” eating, while incorporating an elegant and poetic flare.
The Celebrate design is reminiscent of a French Bistro (photo by Chris Bohnhoff

The Celebrate collection combines inspirational poetry, stylish black and white designs, with tried and tested science to provide a product that is unmatched in quality, aesthetic and function. With beautifully designed tableware reminiscent of a French bistro, each dish features etched drawings and illustrations of healthy foods and phrases that motivate users to “celebrate” a healthy lifestyle. Such words as “celebrate good food,” “live bold” and “sip in gratitude” are inscribed onto porcelain plates, bowl and mugs. With no two dishes alike, users are able to mix and match the set in ways that suit their needs and moods.
Each piece of Celebrate is unique
“It’s easy to feel denied and deprived when making healthy lifestyle changes,” said Founder and CEO of Livliga, Sheila Kemper Dietrich. “I wanted to develop a product line that helps us all find the joy in eating and living well. Livliga has created dinnerware that speaks directly to our emotions and senses with motivational phrases and beautiful designs, while subconsciously guiding us to improve our eating habits by positively affecting our mood and sense of satisfaction. I am very proud to share our latest creation, Celebrate: The Poetry of Life.

Celebrate dinnerware can be mixed and matched according to your mood and needs (photo by Chris Bohnhoff)
Livliga believes that developing healthy eating habits can be a fulfilling and enjoyable experience, without having to sacrifice great tasting meals. As a result, the brand offers dinnerware, serveware and glassware that subtly guides users in eating well-balanced meals with appropriate serving sizes. With the help of its VisualQs philosophy, which states that our bodies and minds seek visual cues to help us determine how much food we consume in one sitting, Livliga products use strategic shapes and symbols to help users practice portion control, with ease, and feel fuller with right-sized portions. The Celebrate line, like all other Livliga products, uses the psychology of eating to promote healthier lifestyles. In addition, Celebrate is the only pattern that uses words to influence us while we eat, in an effort to foster positive emotions and satisfaction with right-sized portions.
Celebrate while inspiring us also makes it easy to measure right-sized servings (photo by Chris Bohnhoff)

The Celebrate line is sold in 16-piece sets for a four-person setting, and is available for $198.95. Livliga’s complete product offering can be purchased at
Its time to Celebrate. Treat Yourself Today! (photo by Chris Bohnhoff)

Come Celebrate with us! And as always, Live Vibrant!

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