Healthy Lifestyle Habits Can Change The Future For Our Children

Friday, September 23, 2016

A recent analysis done by the American Heart Association found that a shocking 90% of all American children have poor diets. Their poor diets are setting them up for ongoing health problems, including heart disease at an early age. How could this happen in the richest nation in the world?

It seems the more fast paced our lives have become we as a society have looked for solutions that are easy, fast and affordable. In order to meet these needs our food has become more and more processed, refined and pre-packaged which has required foods with longer shelf lives (code for not fresh and filled with salt, sugar and salt). Sadly this has not improved our quality of life but instead diminished it. Our kids are living with the burden of a lifetime of disease.

We do see some solutions emerging in our schools, communities and homes. It does require changing our priorities. There needs to be a focus on fresh, whole foods and cooking more at home so we can control what we eat and the quantity we consume.

This can seem overwhelming and a burden. It doesn't have to be. It does require a mindset and some creativity. We have to demand change. Dr. Brian Wansink in his most recent book Slim by Design shows us how we can change our food environments for positive outcomes. He even offers specific resources and ways to become a health advocate for your kid's schools, in your community and workplace. Dr. Jim Hill and Dr. Holly Wyatt show us in their book State of Slim how others who have struggled with weight loss, adopted a healthy lifestyle, and made it possible and sustainable for themselves by sharing the common threads in their lives. And then there are the healthy lifestyle chefs like Jamie Oliver who have shown us how accessible home cooking can be and how kids can be involved in their own healthy eating and cooking.

There are now more and more healthy lifestyle products available to make it possible and enjoyable to adopt healthy eating habits. So many kitchen and gourmet retailers now have dedicated areas with kitchen gear just for kids to make it fun for them to learn how to cook. Kidliga is such a product. It is a product that is fun and engaging that teaches kids about what makes a balanced meal, what right sized portions look like and how to easily measure healthy foods. It includes a fun adventure book that includes recipes and more healthy lifestyle ideas.

What is clear is that to save our kids lives we have to change how we eat and what we eat. Today it is possible to make that change with the resources available. Let's make sure this story has a happy ending.


During September, all month long, as part of raising awareness for National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month we are offering our Kidliga children’s dishware at a significant savings ($29.99 instead of $59.95/comes with an award winning book) and each time you buy a set of Kidliga we are donating a set to a child participating in a healthy lifestyle and nutrition program. This way each time you buy  you are doubling the number of kids you are helping live a healthy life.

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