Nutrition is about portion AND proportion

Friday, March 3, 2017

Do the words “portion” and “proportion” automatically mean anything to you? It took me a while to understand what they meant as well as why both are important to pay attention to when planning meals and menus as part of a healthy lifestyle. It is all about what a balanced meal looks like including the foods that make up the meal as well as the amounts of those foods that are best for us for eating healthy and not overeating.

When I started on my journey to live a healthier lifestyle I hadn’t a clue about what a portion was or that portions were actually different sizes for the different food groups. Ask most Americans today if they know what the correct serving size is for a particular food…like mashed potatoes…and they will not be able to tell you. The answers are not readily evident in our culture. That is why we have portion distortion. There are resources but you have to search them out and find them. That is why I created Livliga. Once I realized that what I was being served in restaurants or buying in grocery stores were portions made up of many serving sizes I knew I needed a mindful tool to help guide me to serving up right sized meals.

A great resource for understanding serving sizes is the USDA and the MyPlate.Gov website. There are many tools to help you organize and plan your calorie intake, daily meals and overall fitness. One of the fun interactive areas of the website is the quizzes offered to teach and test your knowledge about the various food groups. Livliga is proud to be one of The National Strategic Partners of the USDA. We are a great product to use in concert with the education and information offers.

Proportions have everything to do with providing our bodies with the combination of foods that help our body run at its optimal level. The classic proportion guide is the variety of plates that are divided up into quadrants. They show you relatively how much of each type of food you should be eating compared to the other foods represented on your plate. Unfortunately, depending on the size of your plate you may be good on proportions of foods but not on the serving amounts for each food. Livliga dinnerware addresses both proportions and portions so you can serve up a right-sized balanced meal that looks plentiful and leaves you feeling satisfied at the end of a meal. Feeling satisfied is key to eating healthy long term as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Proportions and portions are the cornerstones of eating healthy, balanced meals. To be successful long term it is important to embrace both concepts. Sounds like way too much work, right? It was for me until I landed on the idea for the VisualQs philosophy that ultimately became Livliga, a simple tool for a healthy lifestyle.

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