Top 8 Blogs Focusing on Our Emotional Health and Weight Management

Friday, October 4, 2019
More and more we are recognizing that the key to our success in living a healthy lifestyle is addressing our emotional health as well as the classic attention grabbers of portion control and exercise. In fact, many professionals are now realizing we can’t make long term change without paying attention first to our mental health and the roots of our physical health challenges. To live healthfully our body and mind need to be on the same page.

Livliga’s mission is to help people live healthier lives. Our product is designed with science and psychology in order to support people on their healthy lifestyle journey. In fact, we have 3 patents, one of which is specifically based on the psychology of eating. We know how important it is to address the psychology of eating as well as the amount of food we eat. They go hand in hand.

We are so excited to announce that the next ebook we will be launching this fall will be in partnership with Connie Stapleton, Ph.D., who specializes in helping people live life fully, free from the mental and emotional shackles of constant thoughts (and guilt) related to food and weight. Look for more information on this much-needed ebook in October!

To provide inspiration and helpful tips in positive support of our emotional health and weight management here are our Top 8 Blogs Focusing on Our Emotional Health and Weight Management from our Live Vibrant Blog:

De-stressing is hard for many of us to achieve. It is one of the cornerstones to living a healthy lifestyle. It is as equally important as eating right, building in exercise, getting the required sleep we need, and drinking enough water.

Finding time to both prepare nutritious meals and also find time to nurture our souls seems nearly impossible. How do we find the time? Perhaps part of the secret is in not thinking of them as separate activities or as mutually exclusive.

I have been in a long search to discover the secret to avoiding destructive eating habits at a restaurant. Recently my family has been eating more meals out in restaurants. I have found myself wanting to drift back to old, destructive habits. It is hard to break old habits. No one understands this better than I do. But it is possible.

Gratitude, in particular, has been shone to have a powerful effect on our outlook on life and our ability to manage the stresses and strains of our everyday lives in addition to the extraordinary circumstances of the holidays. The list of positive effects of gratitude is long. It includes improved heart health, reduced stress, improving our sleep, enhancing our relationships, fortifying our resilience, and boosting our self-esteem. It also helps us with our stick-to-itiveness, allowing us to keep to our exercise routine and other good healthy habits. It helps us with our overall sense of life satisfaction.

People who find they have mild to severe depression in fall and winter, when the days grow shorter, may have seasonal affective disorder (SAD) — sometimes called the winter blues. Women, especially those in their twenties, are most susceptible to seasonal affective disorder, but it can affect men and people of all ages, including children and teens.

I have been considered overweight most of my life. My mom put me on a diet in the 2nd grade! I have 3 children and a husband who have also faced their own weight issues. Our weight struggles challenged me to learn how to cook more healthfully.  One outgrowth of my journey to better health was starting a blog. Being thankful for a healthier lifestyle has been years in the making.

I find I get motivation and inspiration wherever I roam on the internet. Recently I read a very truthful post from Kurt Smith that I wanted to share with you. Made me think about how I use food and make the same excuses. Fear can suffocate our motivation and dreams. Let's make this the year to feed our souls and starve our fears! Are you with me!?!

I have a lot of issues when it comes to eating. I have come to understand I am not alone in this reality. As I focus on my Year of Intention I have committed to unveiling my eating quirks to look at them, understand them better, be mindful of them and ultimately switch things up so I can continue to advance in my journey of an ever improving healthy lifestyle.

Our emotional health is so important but not always easy to address when we may have deep-rooted issues that have become embedded in the way we approach our food and eating. Fortunately, there are many professionals today who specialize in helping us with our relationship with food and our weight challenges. Check out the people and businesses we highlight on our Community Commitment page on our website or talk to your primary care doctor to ask for a referral.

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