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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BLT Bread Salad with Leftover Steak

We are enjoying trying out new recipes from the new cookbook I got, mix & match low-calorie cookbook by Cooking Light. The first salad we have tried is the BLT Bread Salad on page 96. It is always important to me that a salad be visually appealing and full of color. This salad met that criteria. It also has the appearance of being bountiful, also important so you feel like you are getting enough to eat and once eaten, you feel satisfied.

I went off recipe on the meat, though. One of the challenges I have is using up leftovers. I had some steak leftover from the previous night's dinner and wanted to use it up. Instead of adding the chicken it called for, I added steak instead. I did measure it, 3-4 oz per person. It added a few extra calories, but not so much as to be a bad choice. And the satisfaction I got from using up a leftover was worth it!!

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