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Friday, August 5, 2011

Exercise Update--looking back on the Months of June and July

Given my slow-as-molasses metabolism and my continued desire to eat, exercising for me is a big deal. It is a must. I need to do it regularly and I need to make sure sweating is involved. The good news is that I am getting better and better at doing "real" exercise. The challenge is continuing to make it a priority in my schedule. So far, so good.

In order to keep myself honest and to keep track of my exercising, I write it down on a calendar printout for each month. Since May I have done this on an ongoing basis. I think it has really helped. For each month there were only 5 days out of each month that I didn't do exercise.

Looking back at both June and July I see all variety of exercise. There are the regular exercise routines. I added endurance training to that. Then there are the bike rides on the weekends and hikes when we were on vacation. I have also started my summer swimming times. Variety is a good thing for me. I just can't do the same thing over and over again. Even with my free weight work outs I need to switch up the routine. To that end I set up another 2 training sessions with my trainer at the end of July. She, too, keeps me honest. Somehow there are those exercises that fall out of the routine...and there are always new ones to learn. This month I wanted to learn more exercises for my "quads" and "tries". I also worked on improving my form when doing the assisted pull ups and the bench press so I don't get anymore crashing headaches after doing them.

August and September I will be doing a fair amount of traveling so keeping up with exercising will be more of a challenge. But for now I am keeping up with the commitment and enjoying the daily challenge.

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