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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Weight Loss Update--July's net loss 3.6 lbs!

They say that during the summer it is easier to lose weight. This has not been the case for me. For us summer is filled with fun happenings and many visits from out of town family and friends. We are celebrators of life so we relish these visits and the excuse to entertain. And, of course, entertainment inevitably involves food. It has become more and more evident to me that I just can't fix anything, eat anything and not suffer the consequences. I do have to plan out the meal and measure it out so I can enjoy the bounty...without the negative consequences. I have to be conscious of what I am doing or all those bad habits quickly creep in. It does matter how many glasses of wine I drink and how much steak I eat. No longer can I eat a whole steak and not gain weight and feel too stuffed...but my instinct is to eat it. If I measure out 4 ounces I get my steak, don't feel too full, yet full enough, and don't suffer the ultimate consequence of weight gain. So obvious, so redundant a reality, but still hard for me to practice in a party-like atmosphere.

What does this mean for last month's weight loss? I am proud of my 3.6 pound net loss! I consider it a real triumph! My cumulative weight loss since I started this blog is 21.6 lbs. I continue to receive a lot of good feedback. It feels good.

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