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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Pampering with New Paraphrenalia

It is always important to support your good habits, don't you think? Not necessarily before you even try out that new healthy habit, but once you have proven it will be. When we first moved here 6 1/2 years ago, I had an old "boys" bike I had had since high school. It was a great bike and served me well, but it did not suit me at the age I had assumed. So about a year after we moved, for my 50th birthday, I got a new bike. I now have the perfect bike for me. It is a "girls bike"...finally! And it has upright handle bars...way more comfortable for my larger frame. It also only has 7 gears (this may become a problem as I lengthen my rides, but it is good for now). I am always of the philosophy that simpler is better...until your level of ability changes that perception. As part of healthy and safe cycling, I also got a helmut for the first time in my life.

The bike has been great but as I have cycled more and gone longer distances, I have needed more padding. My husband nicely gave me a "loner" of some bike shorts. They didn't fit me perfectly but they did help with the needed padding.  As fortune would have it, I do have one slim, boney part of my rear-end!

With my successful 20 mile bike ride I started thinking it would be great to own my own pair of bike shorts...ones actually made for a women's physique. This is not always easy when you wear plus sizes. Somehow the world thinks if you are over weight and wear bigger sizes you are not athletic so athletic gear does seem to be harder to find. Thank heaven for the internet. I found a great pair of bike shorts from Aerotech Designs Cyclewear. They are comfortable to wear, have great padding and even a touch of pink at the seams. They are called "Women's Century Bike Shorts" (aerotechdesigns).

The other item I bought, just this past weekend, where real cycling sunglasses ( They have bright red rubber ear pieces and a rubber nose piece as well. The kicker is that they are bi-focal readers too! For the real jocks it allows them to read their cycling computers. For me, it provides me the means to read should we stop along the way. This way I don't need to carry unnecessary gear but can also feel secure that I can see and read when I need to...and look like a jock all at the same time! I have aleady tried them out and love them. A real perk for a good cause.

Next on my list to to get a basket for my bike so I can do quick runs and errands. A bike bell would be nice too. Ultimately I want a pair of cycling shoes....maybe after my first race...

These are relatively small yet important investments. They keep me motivated and add to the fun of an active lifestyle. What could be more important than that?

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