Apple N'Spice Muffin

Wednesday, October 26, 2011
The thrill  of exploring different muffin recipes continues! There is a section in the Complete Cooking Light Cookbook with a variety of different muffin recipes that I am trying out one by one. The latest is this Apple N'Spice Muffin. Instead of chunks of apple it instead uses shredded apple. The flavor of the apple is infused throughout the muffin. Another interesting dimension is that cornmeal is used. I am looking more and more for recipes that limit the amount of white flour used. Cornmeal adds fiber and protein refined flour lacks.

These muffins are flavorful, hearty and attractive. If you like toppings on your muffins, these are great with their dash of cinnamon sugar on top.  We paired these muffins with a Layered Mediterranean Breakfast Bake to make a meal. It was a yummy flavor combination. I also found this muffin recipe on line at My Recipes.Com . They were a hit with the family and a definite repeat.

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