Sweet Potato Biscuits

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Somehow when Fall comes around I have the urge to bake again. The smells that come with baking are warm and comforting. It is part of enjoying the season, enjoying being inside a little more and always, sharing good conversation over a good meal.

Biscuits are not something I have baked a lot of. I have always found them a bit intimidating. You can so easily over do the cutting in of the butter, or the kneading or over bake them. But when you do it right...ummm...so good.

We had friends over for a brunch and somehow as I was looking through my cookbooks my eyes rested on the Sweet Potato Biscuit recipe. I thought I would give it a go. It was actually much easier than I remembered. I used two knives to cut in the butter which was very doable. I probably did more kneading than I needed too but I was nervous about how un-integrated the dough was at first. Fortunately it did not cause the biscuits to be too rubbery...in fact, everyone made noises of delight while eating them!

One thing I realized is that a normal sized biscuit is much smaller than what we are used to. Finding the right-sized biscuit cutter is key to making these biscuits part of a well planned meal. I found one in my cookie cutter stash that was probably a great grandmother's! It is about an inch and a half in diameter. The recipe on line makes it simpler by having you put it in a baking pan and then cutting it into squares to make them the right size. There is no waste that way, but I like the look of an old fashioned, round biscuit. One biscuit is 124 calories. The link to the recipe on line is- sweet potato biscuits. I would definitely recommend them. And now to try more varieties of biscuits...how does a spiced pumpkin biscuit sound?....

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