Autumn Chicken Stew in the Slow Cooker

Friday, October 21, 2011

Our cooler days are compelling me to design menus with stews, soups and chilis. What is great is to make use of the produce in season so I have been looking for recipes that call for them. The slow cooker/crockpot makes it that much easier to accomplish.

I found the Autumn Chicken Stew recipe in the 400 Calorie Fix by Liz Vaccariello. It is packed full of vegetables including butternut squash, parsmips, sweet potato, red onion and baby spinach. It is on page 247.  A serving is 2 cups which includes a 1/2 cup of couscous. Total calories is 380. Here is the recipe from the cookbook:

It was very filling, visually appealing and suits the season. Besides some initial chopping of vegetables, it was easy to make. The seasoning is mild. In the future I think I will add other spices, like cumin, to the dish.

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