How to Shuck an Ear of Corn and have them silk free!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

One of the many benefits I have found in writing this blog is the information I am learning from others. There is nothing better than engaging in conversation, sharing and learning thanks to your friends. I learned of another easy "trick" in food preparation from a friend this week.

If you hate shucking ears of corn and ending up with all the stringy silks to pick off, try this. It is absolutely unbelievable and yet so simple. I wonder what took the world so long to figure this out. Click on the link below and be amazed! It is a cute video that is also charming to watch, even if you don't have an ear of corn to shuck! 

Wish it was the peak of the season for fresh ears of corn...but fortunately we can hold on to this information for next summer and make it even more easy, fun and healthy with fresh corn on the cob. No more need to avoid it!

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