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How to Prepare Swiss Chard

December 06, 2012

Swiss chard
I have talked about the health benefits of eating Swiss Chard in a previous blog. As a big, leafy green with thick stems I thought it might also be helpful to write about how to prepare this vegetable. It is honestly pretty easy. It does need to be cleaned well so I usually start by submerging the leaves in water to get out the dirt grit that can be in the folds of the leaves. The stems are also big and rigid. They need to be trimmed before cooking. Once washed I slit the leaves away from the stem on either side, going up the body of the leaf until the stem is diminished, cutting and removing the stem from that point down. Once this is done, it is easy to coarsely chop the leaves for steaming or sauteeing. I found a helpful guide providing by Cooking Light that I thought was worth sharing. It gives a ste-by-step visual instruction for prepping Swiss Chard. Here it is below:

How to Prepare Swiss Chard

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