Easter Menu- Try a Healthy Frittata with a Flavorful Muffin

Friday, April 18, 2014
Greek-Style Frittata (photo by LivligaHome)

There is nothing more beautiful than a freshly made frittata. It can serve many and is great for a brunch or holiday meal. The Greek-style frittata I made for Easter last year. It was such a hit I plan on making it again this year. Another delicious frittata you might want to consider is a Spinach, Mushroom and Feta frittata.

Muffins are also a fun and fresh addition to a holiday meal. They can be healthy and satisfying. There are so many to choose from! If you want to go all out you could offer more than one kind for you family and guests. Here are a few I think go well at a brunch:
Easter Brunch@livligahome

Oatmeal Muffin with Muscat Raisins
Rosemary Cheddar Cornbread Muffin
Tuscan Lemon Muffin 
Banana Bread Muffins with Fresh Sage

For a spring vegetable you can make ahead I suggest:
asparagus (or haricot vert) vinaigrette

For dessert keep it simple:
Strawberries with a dollup of Greek yogurt topped with a sprig of fresh mint.

Here is what the menu could look like:

Frittata (@235/cal)
Muffin (@128/cal)
Asparagus Vinaigrette (6 spears/50 cal)
Strawberries with a dollop of Greek yogurt topped with a sprig of fresh mint (67/cal)

A celebratory, holiday meal for an amazing 480 calories!

Happy Spring. Happy Easter. Happy Eating!

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