Last Sale of the Year!

Last Sale of the Year!
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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Enjoying The New Trend Of Meatless Mondays

Meatless Mondays Lentil Salad (photo by LivligaHome)

I love the idea of building in healthy routines to our daily lives. That is why I love the new trend for Meatless Mondays. It makes it easy to plan menus, plan vegetarian meals and it encourages us to try new and healthier foods. I was so inspired recently by a Lentil Salad recipe I found in a Cooking Light magazine. I usually think of lentils in stews and soups so trying them in a salad seemed fun and new to me. It also appeared appealing because it would be heartier and more filling, just right for a Fall (or Spring) Supper. Click here to read the entire article...

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