2014 Healthy Lifestyle Holiday Gift Ideas

Saturday, December 20, 2014
There is nothing more meaningful than giving the Gift of Health. Check out these Healthy Lifestyle Holiday Gifts to complete your list (photo by LivligaHome.com)

This is a fun time of year when we can dream of the gifts we would like to receive as well as those gifts we would like to give. There are so many possibilities. As I have focused more and more on healthy living I have come to realize that the greatest gifts we can give ourselves and those we love is a Gift of Health. I have compiled a list of kitchen gear, gadgets, apps, movies and books that have helped me in living a healthier lifestyle.

Some gifts help us prepare and cook fresh food. Others help us with providing us with advice and information so we can continue to make better decisions about the food we eat. For those seeking motivation in the area of increasing daily activity there are gifts to help us out in ramping up and sustaining our exercise routine. Then there are the gifts I list that help people get started with their journey of weight loss and/or living a healthier life. I call them the “wake up call” gifts. The great thing about gift giving this time of year is that the New Year is right around the corner so some gifts can be a “set up” for getting in gear next year.

Here is my list of Gifts of Health to consider:

Kitchen and Dining

Nothing is easier, tastes better or prepares food so healthily.

Keeps freshly brewed coffee hot longer without waste or using any electricity-a great earth friendly gift.

Livliga Mugs ($48.00)
To go a long with the French Press Thermos are artist-designed, right-sized mugs with discrete 8 ounce fill lines; made of porcelain- also earth-friendly.

These glasses with 2 discrete fill lines, at 4 ounces and 6 ounces, were 2014 Martha Stewart Made in America Finalists; a great gift of health that can be used all year.

Healthy Cookbooks
My current go to favorite is: fresh food fast: 24/7 by Cooking Light ($17.71).

A magazine subscription for those who are really into developing cooking skills and knowledge.


My sons gave me a Scosche Rhythm arm heart monitor for my birthday that integrates with apps like Wahoo to show you real time results as you strive to optimize your workouts. This is a monitor that doesn’t have to go around your chest, which is a huge improvement for those who are big chested or wear wire bras. I really love mine.

Flex Belt ($199.99)
This is not a miracle machine but it can add to your results in slimming your waist and torso. It has the added benefit of being effortless to use. You can go about your daily routine using it.


Thyme-Kitchen Timer
A timer for cooking. A great app on your phone to help you set timers for multiple things you have cooking. It helps you keep track and can go where you go. FREE

This app helps you pre-plan your snacks. It also helps you figure out best options when you are at work or traveling and need to come up with healthy options on the go. FREE

This is an app that keeps track of your movement and route when you are running, cycling or being otherwise outdoorsy. FREE


Fed Up ($9.96)
This is an eye-opening movie about the consequences of refined sugar, which is pervasive in our diets, overall eating too much and the social consequences of our super sized world. It was produced by Katie Couric and is very informative.


Slim by Design by Brian Wansink ($16.67)
This is the latest book by Brian Wansink. I have been a great advocate his work ever since I read his book Mindless Eating. He provides a very different approach to helping us take control of our eating through environmental changes we can make. His recommendations are based on the scientific research he has done.

The Portion Teller Plan by Lisa Young ($11.33)
It is amazing how we have no idea what a right sized portion for any given food looks like. This book is a very practical guide to “right sizing” our eyes.

Children’s Gifts

This is a fun, beautifully illustrated, interactive children’s book ideal for ages 4-8.

This is a place setting with portion control built in using the characters from the book. Subtle, fun and effective.

Looking for something fun for the kids to do when they are hanging out that might subtle reinforce healthy eating habits? This puzzle provides just that.

For more gift ideas click here.

Happy Healthy Holidays!  May you give and get the Gifts of Health! 

This article was orginally published in the Epoch Times.

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