Top 10 Ways to Fight The Battle of the Bulge over the Holidays

Wednesday, December 10, 2014
Top 10 Ways to Fight The Battle of the Bulge over the Holidays
There's no need to undo an entire year of healthy habits and weight loss over the holidays. Just follow the Top 10 tips to avoid the pitfalls (photo by LivligaHome).

Thanksgiving is the launching pad for more than a month filled with holiday parties, cocktails, festive holiday foods and celebrations. As a mother of 3 and inventor of Livliga and Kidliga, elegant portion control dishware for adults and children, I know there is no need to undo an entire year of healthy habits and weight loss during the holiday season.

Here are my–  “Top 10 Ways To Fight The Battle of the Bulge over the Holidays.”

1. Have the party at your house. This way, you can make sure you have a healthy selection to serve up, control portion sizes, and keep beverage pours in check. Your friends and family will thank you, since most people want to be healthy around the holidays but have too many distracting temptations. Show them that delicious and right-sized options can be good and good for you!

2. Bring your own drinks and low calorie appetizers. Different party hosts stock vastly different selections of beverages. 1 cup of eggnog can pack upwards of 406 calories, whereas a 5 ounce serving of white wine is only around 120 calories.

3. Set a time limit. Knowing what time to leave the party before you arrive is an easy trick to keep you from overstaying, overeating and overindulging – and that applies to both food and alcohol.

4. Eat before you go. Never go starving to a party. It is a sure-fire guarantee you will over eat. Eating ahead can be as simple as an apple and a big glass of water; or if the party doesn’t start until later, go ahead and eat a light and healthy dinner like soup or a salad. Then you can enjoy a glass of wine or dessert at the party.

5. Drink a glass of water between drinks. It is a great way to pace yourself and will help you feel full. It also keeps down your overall calorie count by limiting alcoholic drinks while keeping your hands occupied so you aren’t as likely to snag a snack. Another added plus: it helps prevent that next day bloat and lethargy from too many alcoholic drinks.

6. Fill one plate, including dessert. Use dessert or salad plates, or invest in right-sized dishware like Livliga, to guide you and your guests in serving appropriate portions. If you’re at a party, remember to use the same principals – balance your plate with colorful, diverse, healthy items and don’t overfill. Absolutely choose foods you will enjoy. Reminder to self: Don’t go back for seconds.

7. Dress up. Dressing up will maximize your awareness and desire to look and feel your best. Feeling attractive will make you more in control and able to resist tempting foods or drinks.

8. Make a pact with a friend. Before you go to the party, agree to a plan with your friend on how much you want to eat or drink and when you want to leave. Decide ahead of time if it’s okay to say something if your friend is straying off track or what the “code” is for a friendly reminder to help each other stay connected to the game plan.

9. If you love to bake pick single serving items like bars, cookies or muffins. Research new recipes on health-centric websites to pick healthier versions of your favorites. Don’t forget to stick to the recommended serving sizes. Check out my blog which has healthy and extremely delicious recipes perfect for the holiday season. Here is a link to my new holiday cookie recipe: Thyme-infused Cardamom-Orange Oatmeal Cookie. Holiday giving never tasted or felt so good!

10. Get the whole family involved. Kids tend to overindulge over the holidays as well. It’s never too early to start teaching your kids about healthy eating choices. There is a great award-winning storybook that can help everyone learn more about healthy eating as a family as you enjoy reading and cozying up by the fire together over the holidays. It is Sammie and Sax in the Land of Quinoa: the Search for a Balanced Meal. Enjoying the holidays in a healthy and happy way is good for the whole family. Make it the new tradition.

Enjoy the holidays! May they be healthy and happy!

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