Stretching-- a must as part of sustaining a healthy lifestyle

Wednesday, June 8, 2011


Stretching as part of a Healthy Lifestyle

All this exercise is taking a toll on my body. Frightening how much different parts of my body hurt. It is clear my body is not as flexible as it once was. I honestly took my body's "no holds bar" ability for granted. No such luck now. One false move, without dutifully warming-up and stretching, and I can all too easily pull something out of whack. Then it stays out of whack... seemingly forever.

A nagging ache I have is with my IT Band.  I have found a great video on YouTube that has helped stretch and relieve that part of my body - IT Band Stretching Video . These are easy stretches and I have found important to do first thing in the morning and last thing at night before going to bed. If I don't do stretches before I go to bed I often find I end up having to get out of bed and stretch just to ease the nagging of my aching, twitching muscles.

Easy Stretches for Your IT Band

Another effective method to ease the tightness of my muscles is to roll on a foam roller. It is not very comfortable to do but does provide lasting  relief if you stick with it. I love the fact that on each video I have watched they all mention the joke. The best video I have found with a simple instruction is - IT Band Foam Roller Stretch.

For general stretching I have found this YouTube video a nice and easy one to follow- Simple Stretches. This is from, a resource I have found to be really helpful.

Motto for today...and tomorrow....and the next day..."Just Do It...and Do It...and Do It!" 

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  1. Another idea I refer to often is: exercise first because you have to; keep doing it until you want to. Eventually you won't be able to think of your life without it.

  2. This is a great quote! Thanks for sharing!