Weight Loss Update--May's net loss 13 lbs!

Monday, June 6, 2011
It is hard to believe I have now been blogging for a month. I started on May 2. I have tried to keep up with documenting my weight, exercise and eating. I have successfully logged my weight, mostly daily. So what are the results? My net loss in pounds for the month of May was 13! Seeing it as one totally net number looks great! I had hoped to lose 10 lbs. so losing 13 lbs. feels really great!

There were times during the month when I would have figured I was not going to lose a net amount of weight. It just proves that we have to hang in there, pick ourselves up after a bad day...or bad couple of days and commit to a bigger picture of our lives.

Of course, right after I figured out my net weight loss for the month, my Aunt died and I got on an airplane to be with family and go to her service. Traveling, feeling sad and feeling emboldened by my last month's success did not play out well for my eating. Plain and simple, I ate too much and drank too much--a seriously bad combination. So I have gained back 6 of the 13 pounds and am shocked at how easily it happened. And then I was so tired yesterday that I was a lump on a log, did zero exercise and went out for gelato taboot!

Now what, you say? Well, Monday is a good day to get on board with "The Plan". I wish I were more perfect and that I had not over-eaten for my entire life, but I am not very perfect and I  am obese...I have a lot to permanently change. I am committed to my changing and I LOVE living the new lifestyle. Today I went and worked out, doing my usual hour-long Monday routine of  warm up, free weights routine, 2 kinds of stomach crunches, back extensions and Kenesis "wood chopper" pulls. I have eaten only according to my 1200 calorie plan and am feeling in control again.

Here's to a new month. Let's see what the progress in the month of June brings...at the end of the month.

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