Dry Rubs--Great for Summertime Grilling

Thursday, June 30, 2011
Dry Rubs are good for your health
Dry Rubs are great on everything you grill and make summer time cooking so easy!

I grew up in Kansas City. It is the home of great barbecue...the best by some standards. It is all about the sauce. I never even knew there was such a thing as "dry rub" until we took our kids on a Spring-break to Memphis, Tennessee. We went to a well know barbecue place there and it was a dry rub. It was good food but it seemed strange to call it barbecue.

Then a couple of years ago we went on the Fat Flush Diet developed by Ann Louise Gittleman. She is big on spices in all recipes. In particular, she suggests certain spices as a dry rub on meats. We really liked the flavor combinations and how it enhances the taste of the meats when grilled. My husband does a super job of grilling meats so he enjoyed developing combinations of spices for flavoring each type of meat.

There are many benefits of a dry rub. They are very aromatic so your meat smells great as it is grilling and also while you eat it. Additionally the rubs make the meat wonderfully flavorful and therefore more interesting to eat. And since you are just using spices, the aroma and flavor come with zero calories (my personal favorite benefit for using a dry rub!).

The health benefits of spices are many. They can enhance your health by boosting your metabolism to evening out your moods. As examples, Cayenne is known to boost your metabolism and the production of adrenal hormones which speeds up the breakdown of fat by 25 percent.  Basil helps with anxiety and depression. Each spice has its own benefits.

In another blog posting I plan on sharing the recipes for my husband's grilling rubs. Can't wait to hear how you enjoy them!

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