Solutions for the Mindless Eater #3-The Party Binger

Monday, July 4, 2011
Thought these eating changes offered by Dr. Wansink for all of us about to indulge in various Independence Day celebrations might come in handy!

For Party Bingers...Party Less Hearty.
*Stay more than an arm's length away from the buffet tables and snack bowls.
*Put only two items on your plate during any given trip to the tailgate or the buffet table.
*Use the volume approach to make yourself feel full. Chow down on the big healthy stuff (like broccoli and carrots) and then see if you have room for the rest.
*When you think you'll be distracted by an important (or fun) conversation, set the food down and give the conversation your full attention. Remember, the more you focus on people (and the distractions like the big game on TV or the fireworks exploding overhead), the more you'll tend to eat.
*As you arrive at the party, tell yourself you're there first to enjoy those you are with and secondarily to eat. Be aware that unease or nervousness may be prompting you to refill your plate or your glass. The fact that this is not comfort food--you are there to be with the people around you, may strengthen your resolve to eat less or lighter food.
*If you plan to attend a cocktail party or a buffet-style dinner, arrive late or leave early. If you arrive late, most of the good stuff will be gone by the time you show up. Leave early and you'll make it easier to avoid a second (or third) helping of dessert.

Good luck to us all and may the power of "right-sized" eating be with us!

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