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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Weight Loss Update--June's net loss 5 lbs!

Phew! Another month with a net loss in pounds. The cumulative total is 18 lbs. Now that sounds like an accomplishment! This is not an easy journey, though. I may have woken up one day and said I wanted to change my life, which is true, but I didn't wake up with out all the years of bad habits. I am still working to undo all of those nasty, insidious and mindless practices. It is way too easy to pop something in my mouth without even realizing what I have done! Every morsel has a it had better be worth it. Truth is, a lot of what I have eaten in the past wasn't because the food was worth reality it was just because it was there. Many times I haven't eaten because I was hungry either. These inclinations are still there just below the surface...ready to take advantage of any moment or opportunity of weakness.

My main weapon seems to be "mindfulness"...paying attention to me and the world around me. Since I am not fully conscious of my destructive eating tendencies, I have to be awake and present each day. I find that if I weigh myself each day, pre-plan my meals, think about the treats I will eat ahead of time, work exercise into EVERY day...I can make progress. It does not come "naturally" to me. I have to believe it will get easier...but not without a lot of practice and effort.

It does feel good to be on the winning side of the effort! We just came back from our vacation in the mountains. We did 6 - 7 mile hikes almost each day. I smoked it! My husband mentioned on more than one occasion that my stamina was wholly different. Between the weight loss, taking better care of myself and working out consistently, I really am making healthy progress.

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