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Dry Rubs for Meats

July 01, 2011

These are great dry rubs that add flavor to your meats with no calories. Some of the ingredients can only be bought as seeds. Use a small coffee grinder or a mortar & pestle to make the seed a powder.

For Beef
       1T cumin
       2T granulated garlic
       1T ground cloves

For Fish
       1T granulated garlic
       1T dill
       1T ground fennel seed
       1T ground ginger 

For Lamb
       1T cinnamon
       2T granulated garlic
       1T ground coriander

For Pork
       1T cumin
       1T dry mustard
       2T granulated garlic
       1T herbes de Provence

For Poultry
       1T dry mustard
       1T granulated garlic
       1T cayenne pepper (or, to taste)

Directions: Mix ingredients for desired rub. Lightly sprinkle rub mixture on both sides of your meat and let sit for 15 minutes before grilling. Put the remaining amount of rub in a Ziploc and label it to be easily identified for later use.

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