Flank Steak, Soutwestern Garbanzo Salad & Grilled Fennel

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

We were having a "Farewell" Dinner for my son (he is off on an adventure in Southeast Asia) and I wanted to have something fun and flavorful. One of the tricks to constructing a menu is matching flavors of the different parts of the meal. You want the dishes to support or complement each other, not conflict or confuse the palette. I have started paying more attention to this. Sometimes I am more successful than others. This particular menu seemed to work. I matched a Tangy Flank Steak with Horseradish Cream (238 cal) from Cooking Light with a Southwestern Garbanzo Bean Salad (211 cal), also from Cooking Light. The menu was completed with Simply Grilled Fennel (27 cal). The total calories for the menu was 476. It was amazing how well the flavors worked together. The menu was summery in outcome. The flavors did not compete but were lively together, each distinctive. Each held their own for the meal. The compliments were many. A definite repeat.

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