Last Sale of the Year!

Last Sale of the Year!
FLASH SALE! Today is the last day for us to get our products to you by Christmas (ground delivery)! The perfect way to have a happy and healthy holiday! ps. Don't miss the AMAZING sale we have running on our 16 piece sets!

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Raspberry-Asparagus Medley Salad

I love, love fresh fruits and vegetables in the summertime. I also like being able to prepare dinner early in the morning when it is still cool so I don't have to heat up the kitchen in the evening when it is blazing hot and I am too heat-weary to cook.

I came across a yummy salad that is fresh and bright, beautiful to look at, and so satisfying to eat. I found Raspberry-Asparagus Medley Salad on It is also pretty easy to assemble. And at 67 calories per serving, you can't beat the count for the taste. A real winner and a definite repeat. For a complete summer dinner menu, check out my previous blog this week Quick & Tasty 3 Bean Salad.