Not All Recipes Are Made Alike- Chicken Picata examples

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

It is in my bones. I love trying new things, even when I already have a great recipe. You just never know when you'll come across another great & tasty recipe. It is just who I am!

Well Monday night I put a Chicken Picata recipe on the menu for dinner. This time it was from a new favorite source- The Now Eat This! cookbook from Rocco DiSpirito. All the recipes I have tried from his books have been good. This one was too...but not as good as the one I have used from Cooking Light!(check out my blog for April 18, 2012) One of the big differences is that the DiSpirito recipe has a sauce with it. It is also egg battered and coated with flour. It just has too much stuff on it. The purest in me likes the simplicity of the Cooking Light Chicken Picata. I also want the biggest bang for my calories. The DiSpirito recipe didn't deliver. A lot more calories (241 cal compared to 160 cal) with out the benefit of a better taste experience. You live and you learn...while having a lot of fun trying out new things! Try your own comparison and let me know which recipe is your favorite.

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