In Search of a Non-Sweetened Soda-- FOUND IT!

Friday, June 14, 2013
Seagram's: A Non-Sweetened Soda @livligahome
As you may have read in one of my previous blogs, I have been weaning myself of sweetened foods and beverages, including artificial sweeteners. I realized I was triggering my need for sweets all day long. I no longer add sweetener to my morning coffee/latte or brown sugar to my breakfast oatmeal. I buy plain yogurt now and add berries to it instead of buying the yogurt that already has the sugared fruit in it. The list goes on as I de-sugar my world.

The latest success is finding a non-sweetened soda. I know you might say "Why don't you just drink water?" Well, I do. The reality is that I want to be able to treat myself to a soda from time to time. I also want to be able to have a can in my hand like everybody else at the outdoor picnic. I found the solution!

Seagram's has great, naturally flavored, no sugar added sparkling seltzer waters. I have found them in both Orange Citrus and Blackberry Raspberry. They are tasty and refreshing. Good news is they are also low in sodium with only 35mg, which is really low for a soda.  It has the added benefit of being in a can so it is recyclable and isn't filling up our landfills every time we drink one (like bottled water does).

A great way to quench our thirst during the hot summer days ahead. 

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