100-Mile Journey-- Day 3-- Another Beautiful Ride

Wednesday, August 27, 2014
100-Mile Journey-- Day 3-- Another Beautiful Ride (photo by LivligaHome).

Day 3 of My 100-Mile Journey was easy. Now that we are in the work week we have cut back our miles to around 12 each day. The total miles we covered today was 12.9. In three days we have covered 56.6 miles. We are already over the halfway mark in just three days!

How I feel: We started early this morning so it was cold outside. It helped me keep my speed up. I particularly enjoyed the path we chose. Another beautiful ride.

What I saw on the third day ride: Today we saw the sunrise. It was glorious. There were may clouds in the sky so the glow spread across the sky in all hues of soft peach to salmon-red. What a way to start the day.

What I have learned: Pump up your tires.You would think I would have thought of this before but it took 43.7 miles before I realized my tires were low. My husband kindly pumped up our tires before we started out this morning and it made a huge difference. I was actually able to keep a faster pace.
100-Mile Journey Snap Shot of Day 3 (photo by LivligaHome).

What I will do: With the joy I am receiving from my 100-Mile Journey I want to pay it forward. Since it is at the beginning of school and I think it is important to support healthy kids in school, I commit to giving $1 dollar per mile for each mile my husband and I ride. We are going to give our donation to Action for Healthy Kids. This is an organization that fights childhood obesity, undernourishment and physical inactivity by helping schools become healthier places so kids can live healthier lives. I encourage to join me in paying it forward.

Looking Forward to Day 4! Live Vibrant!

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